Covid-19 Information

Dear Friends of Emyvale Care,

Firstly thank you for working so hard in continuing to support us to keep Covid 19 from Emyvale Care. It’s going to be a continuous challenge for us all for the foreseeable future but I hope you will also help me by thanking the staff for doing an amazing job.

I just wanted to make sure you are clear about the management of Covid 19 as I know things have changed, and will likely continue to change especially with local restrictions and an approach nationally to move to localised management of Covid 19.


ALL VISITORS have to have the Covid 19 Risk Assessment completed and analysed before they are allowed to enter the home/ garden. This is contractors and health or social care professionals.

During National Lockdowns or Local Lockdowns, NO family or friends are allowed into the home without authorisation from Operations/ Provider or Manager/ Deputy. We will look at all requests individually. Where visits are allowed they will continue to be appointment based to manage the flow within or around the home.

Window visits are allowed throughout the day/ evening and should be promoted to families/ friends, but we prefer for this to be appointment based so that we can still manage the flow of individuals outside the home and also make sure residents are able to prepare for this also.

Residents that are having a window visit can do so freely but Social Distancing needs to be key. Just be aware not only do we want to protect the experience for residents we also need to maintain the Social Distancing were it can be best achieved within the home.

We try to use technology as much as possible be that Watsapp Video/ Zoom etc. So if this hasn’t been offered please let us know and we can book you a virtual visit.

Common sense is key with much of this, but just speak to Sherralyn/Lisa or one of the staff should you need clarity.

We want to maintain as much personal contact as we can achieve whilst balancing the risks associated with Covid. We are a CARE service and this should be at the forefront of our practice throughout this Pandemic.


Temperatures taken of all staff at the start of shift. All residents at least once daily.

All visitors to site as part of the Covid 19 Visitor Risk Assessment, 1

All have to be recorded.

This is not just a “take temp and record action”, there will always be an analysis of the information, so, for example, someone with a high temperature will be discussed with Management prior to admittance to site. Trends with residents will be discussed with managers.

Covid Positive Test results/ Symptom Management

All staff testing positive or symptomatic/ isolating are inevitably not allowed to site at the earliest point we have identified a potential issue. Staff speak to Management at the earliest point of this becoming an issue and we take a proactive approach to managing this for all concerned.


Staff tested weekly via PCR tests or intermittently where we need to. These tests are sent off to the laboratory by Courier,

Residents have to be tested 4weekly, or weekly where we need to do so, again the tests are sent via courier to Laboratories for analysis.

We also test all staff with LFT – quick flow tests twice weekly and will implement this when visits are allowed onto site.

If needed access the use of LFT’s with residents but will always follow this up with PCR tests.


Cleaning schedule in place (day and nights)

Face Masks Type 2 or equivalent to be worn by ALL staff all of the time. We have sourced face visors for those with health conditions.

Other PPE worn by ALL staff as needed for the task in hand

All visitors to site have to follow Government Guidance in regards PPE.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing practised as standard throughout – including staff not sitting together on breaks/ doing notes etc

Residents, where they choose to do so, have been socially distanced within key areas and we limit the number of people, within any one area so that Social Distancing can be maintained. So, for example, we do not at present have 16 residents all sat in a room side by side, we have created social areas for 3 or 4 residents to spend time together but with the 1m plus space available where possible.

Mealtimes have been staggered so that we support people at the dining table. We are making sure we maintain those friendships which stimulate conversation throughout this time.

Health Care Interventions

Limited hospital interactions so routine appointments to be discussed with manager for worth and any resident having had a period of admission to a hospital is in isolation for 14days on return to the home where this can be achieved, testing undertaken where possible.

Where we can we DO NOT send any residents to hospitals we know have high Covid 19 rates.

All hospital contact must be discussed with the Operations manager to risk assess impact.


NO Covid 19 symptomatic/ Positive Admissions

All admissions will be discussed with the Ops manager

All admissions will isolate for 14 days where this can be achieved on arrival to the home, even with a negative test in situ

Communication and Advice

We work throughout this pandemic with local Public Health Departments; Public Health England and our colleagues in the NHS.


The following are useful resources for you to access in regards Covid-19. – Search for Covid 19 – Search for Covid 19

  • Covid 19 General Information

  • Covid 19 in Care Homes
    • Care Home Guidance (How to work safely in Care Homes)


If you have any questions please speak to either the Homes Manager, one of staff members or contact us via the contact form on the website.

Thanks in advance

Emyvale Care