Choose the right care home

At Emyvale Care, we believe we are the right choice for you but we understand it can be difficult finding and making a decision when you look around a number of different settings…

5 Important questions to ask yourself

What to Look for

At Emyvale Care, we believe we are the right choice for you to enjoy later life.  We are confident in the services and care we provide and we understand you need comparisons before you make such an important decision about your future care.

What to ask yourself

While you are evaluating care homes we feel there are 5 important questions to be asking yourself about each one, before making any decision.

  1. Were you able to find the home easily, and was it nice from the exterior?
      a. Remember your visitors will want to be able to get there too
  2. Could you just drop in without an appointment?
    a. This shows there isn’t anything to hide
  3. Were the staff friendly on arrival and able to give you time to look around the building?
    a. This shows the general culture of the home, but also the fact that staff are able to put time aside for individual needs
  4. Did the home look and smell clean?
    a. Again, it will identify the culture of the home, and if staff truly care about the residents and their home
  5. Did the residents look cared for and look supported in their surrounding?
    a. Basic respect, dignity and compassion is evident if this is the case

There are also a number of different tools available on the internet which go into more depth than our simple approach above.

They are free for you to download to help in your decision-making process.

We believe the Age UK Care home checklist is a great user-friendly document to get you started.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Useful links:

Download Age UK Care Home Checklist